At Applus+, we actively work to maintain and improve our teams to reflect a diverse, inclusive and dynamic society. Inclusively managing a diversity of talent, and in accordance with our corporate values, allows Applus+ to attract and retain the best professionals. These talented people help us to achieve better results sustainably.

Diversity and equality are the two core values that define the corporate culture of Applus+. These strategic pillars promote a people-centered culture and a work environment that enhances success and development. To pursue them, we have created Diversity and Equality Councils, which establish standards of action for all of the Group’s divisions, to continue implementing our initiatives for diversity at a corporate and local level.

We have defined two lines of action to deliver these aims:

  • Promoting respect towards everyone and between one another.
  • Equality of opportunity, specifically respecting diversity and disadvantaged groups, such as people with other capabilities.

“Diversity in the company is about incorporating different temperaments, talents and convictions. We accept women for who they are and for their unique perspectives and gifts they offer, hence the importance of Work-Life Balance and Equality Councils. We need to hear all of the perspectives from every woman across the company”, points out Raquel Grandal, Operations Manager and head of Applus+ Automotive’s Diversity and Equality Council.



The initiatives to promote these values have the support and commitment of the Group’s senior management. This commitment is apparent through the Applus+ Group’s adhesion, since 2019, to two UN protocols under the initiatives “More Women, Better Companies” and the “7 WEP principles” (Empowerment of Women).

Our commitment is also reflected in the monitoring of the results obtained by the initiatives launched, and in the participation of employees for generating new lines of action to be expanded and disseminated both internally and externally.

Diversity policies at Applus+ 

The Global Anti-Discrimination Policy and the Diversity and Inclusion Policy include the commitments made by Applus+ to promote diversity and respect for all people in the organisation:

  • Ensure that curricular and extracurricular activities are available to all employees.
  • Include situations in our Training Plan where discrimination is recognised as a factor devaluing society and impacting anyone. 
  • Promote equality, avoiding situations which may lead to some form of discrimination and/or stereotype.
  • Effectively communicate these policies to all personnel through: the induction process during the on-boarding of new employees; through courses aimed at managers; and through the application of new recruits.
  • Hold managers and all staff responsible for the policies’ application through training designed for this purpose. 
  • Reject any discrimination on grounds of race, age, sex, marital status, nationality, beliefs, or any other physical or social characteristics of our staff, and consider diversity as a value because this allows for different points of view and provides greater creativity and innovation.
  • Reinforce a culture of respect for people, and promote behaviours that are favourable and open to diversity for all of the company's stakeholders.
  • Guarantee the right to equal opportunities and treatment for everyone in the organisation, so they can develop, both personally and professionally, and provide their best work.
  • Avoid any type of discrimination in access to employment and promotion, professional classification, training, remuneration, work-life balance, family and personal life, and other working conditions.
  • Recognise that human rights are fundamental and universal, and these must be based on international conventions, treaties and initiatives, such as the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organisation and the UN’s Global Compact.
  • Promote the use of inclusive, non-sexist, non-discriminatory language, free from prejudice, with the aim of favouring respect and equality between the sexes. Make women visible and prevent violence and discrimination against anyone, ensuring a work environment free from harassment.


To accomplish these principles, the company is developing and implementing appropriate training programs and procedures.

2021 – 2022 Objectives

The Board of Directors of Applus+ has approved that part of the variable remuneration of the management team will depend on the achievement of four ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) objectives, linked to the results of the implementation of the decarbonisation strategy, diversity, health & safety and ethics.

We aim to increase the representation of women within the company. This is why we have implemented several measures to give more visibility to women in senior management positions.

  • Shadowing programme with a manager. This programme is based on identifying and assigning a female employee to deliver daily tasks with a senior manager within the organisation, which provides other employees with a series of experiential learning. 
  • We monitor equality between women and men within the Group’s main decision-making bodies. We have follow-up rates, with the aim of achieving gender equality.
  • We give visibility to the most vulnerable groups in our internal channels, such as Appeople magazine.


At Applus+, every year we celebrate International Days which highlight vulnerable groups, and we mark national commemorations which highlight the cultural wealth and the realities of ethnic or native peoples. On these occasions, we launch internal and external communication campaigns, both locally and globally.

  • International Women's Day
  • Cultural Diversity Day
  • LGTBI Day
  • Black Ethnicity Day
  • Independence Day (some countries in which we operate)
  • Tolerance Day
  • Disability Day


For more information on our initiatives, please visit our Diversity and Equality section.

To see all the awards our diversity and equality initiatives have garnered us, click here.

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