Applus+ assists materials technology firm establish a radiography program


    Applus+ in the US has successfully developed and implemented a radiography program for a materials technology firm.

    When establishing a successful radiographic testing program , a company must consider two key factors: First regulatory compliance – which can be daunting for those not experienced of familiar with the statutory requirements. Second, code compliance  – ensuring that the results comply with the codes and standards. This particular project required the development of a solution to inspect very small thickness tubing with a micro-focus x-ray tube which is not commonly used in radiographic testing. Applus+ with its decades of experience was able to call on its technical experts to develop a fit-for-purpose radiography program.  

    Applus+, together with its client, addressed this project with a three-phase approach: 

    - First, the regulatory element was approached with the creation of an emergency and operating procedure, associated forms, the purchase of all related radiation detection equipment, and application for X-ray registration license. Applus+ supported its client throughout the process, providing guidance to navigate the various regulatory requirements. 

    - Second, the qualification and certification of personnel was addressed and a written practice model for ASNT SNT-TC-1A and CP-189 was built to address the requirements of customers in the US and internationally. 

    - Third, the radiographic testing requirements were developed to address the challenges posted by the inspection application. A special wire type IQI was developed in accordance with ASTM E747 to meet the needs for contrast sensitivity, Duplex wire IQI for spatial resolution, and a specially made Duplex plate phantom was ordered to measure the performance of the digital radiography system for use with ultra-thin material with a micro-focus x-ray tube.

    The outcome of this project yielded positive results. The procedures written show promise for continued reliability and high probability of detection of asset irregularities. Techniques established such as Micro-focus x-ray opens the possibility for greater sensitivity and shorter exposure times than previously achievable with conventional x-ray tubes.

    No standard is “one-size fits all.” Careful consideration must be taken to systems limitations and operator error. Also, more stringent procedures were put in place with regards to the viewing of radiographs due to the size of indicators that could possibly be in the welds. 

    Applus+ develops customized solutions to effectively and efficiently meet its customer’s operational needs. To learn more about Applus+ non-destructive testing support services, contact us

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