Applus Qualitec was founded in 1972 in Brazil.

It offers inspection, quality control, testing and consulting services in the main industrial sectors such as oil, gas, energy, mining, naval, paper and cellulose, among others.

Applus Qualitec has seven permanent offices in Brazil and projects executed in more than 17 states of the country, including Offshore platforms and vessels in the main basins of Brazil.

Applus Qualitec provides the following services:

  •  Inspection in origin - Vendor Inspection
  •  Studies and designs
  •  Supervision, technical assistance and QA / QC works
  •  Advanced and conventional non-destructive tests
  •  Design, inspection and maintenance of cathodic protection systems
  •  Mechanical and electrical inspection during works, downtime and maintenance routines.
  •  Support in technical and commercial processes for public service companies
  •  Asset integrity
  •  Energy efficiency
  •  Homologation of suppliers
Specialists in both conventional and advanced non-destructive testing within the Brazilian market.
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