JANX was founded in Parma, Michigan USA in 1981.

JANX is a leading provider of non-destructive testing solutions within the USA, specialising in pipeline and facility new construction inspections. With close to three decades of experience and a proven track record of consistently projects safety, efficiently, timely, and with the highest quality results, JANX has inspected over 15,000 miles of pipeline. 
JANX specialises in offering:
  • Pipeline and facility new construction inspection
  • Advanced proprietary NDT techniques such as Real-Time Digital Radiography and Automated Ultrasonic Testing
  • Conventional NDT techniques
  • Ability to serve customers coast to coast with licenses in 43 states
  • Committed to quality demonstrated through field compliance management program
  • Expansive project management expertise, having managed and delivered most of the largest pipeline new construction projects in the US
JANX has the skilled staff, equipment and expertise to deliver on projects large and small. We are committed to delivering all projects safely, efficiently and with the highest quality results.
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