How does it work?

What is Applus+ Whistleblowing channel?

The Applus+ Whistleblowing Channel is a mechanism for Applus+ Professionals and third parties to raise doubts they may have in relation to the correct interpretation and application of our Code of Ethics or any other Applus+ internal regulations.
Likewise, any reasonable indication or suspicion of any act or breach that may violate the rules of the Code of Ethics and its regulations should be notified through this channel.
All questions and complaints made in good faith will be well received and will always be treated with the greatest speed and confidentiality.

Which information should I give when making a query or a complaint?

In order to be accepted and taken into consideration, all queries and complaints must contain, at least, the identifying details of the Reporting Party (except in those jurisdictions in which anonymity is legally required); the query raised or a description of the alleged facts, and, in this case, any proofs or soporting evidences.
All required information is specified in the applicable form available in our website

Should I feel worried or afraid for making a complaint?

It is essential that when you have any suspicion, knowledge or hint of an irregular conduct against Applus+ internal regulations, you raise your concern, since we can only address these situations if we are aware of them.
Applus+ commits to maintaining the anonymity of a Reporting Party who is acting in good faith at all times. The Reporting Party’s identity will not be divulged to third parties, the reported Party or management without the express consent of the Reporting Party. Nevertheless, if the investigation of the facts requires such action, only the minimum of information will be shared with the fewest number of individuals.
Likewise, Applus+ commits to preventing, investigating and taking action against any kind of harassment or retaliation, direct or indirect, against a Reporting Party for the simple fact of having introduced a complaint according to the Applus+ Whistleblowing procedure.

What happens after I introduce a complaint?

Our Chief Compliance Officer is the person expressly appointed by the Group for all the process of managing, processing and resolution of complaints.
On receipt of a complaint, the CCO will register it, analyse and conduct an initial review of the facts and evidence as outlined in the complaint, and then decide if it is deemed to be admissible or it is dismissed for not presenting any clear evidence, not meeting the minimum requirements or being the allegations already reported to a judicial body or administrative authority.
Whatever the scenario, the CCO will inform the Reporting Party of his decision (to deem the complaint admissible or to dismiss it) within seven working days of receipt of the complaint.
For complaints that are deemed admissible, internal investigations will be performed to determine the veracity of the alleged facts, if said alleged facts constitute a breach of internal rules and/or the law and the identity/ies of those responsible for the misconduct.
Once the internal investigation in concluded, the CCO will produce a formal written decision and will communicate the outcome of the concluded investigation to the reporting and reported party, except where it is advisable to maintain the confidentiality of the conclusions reached.

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• Detailed picture of the facts and/ or evidence and when did you have knowledge of them.

• Business area, division and region.

• Identifying data of the person/ group denounced (Name and Surname). In case of being an Applus+ Professional, indicate the Company, department to which belongs and the position he/she holds. Otherwise, indicate the Company to which belongs and the relationship this person or group have with Applus+.

• How and when does it occur.

• Indicate if there are more Applus+ Professionals or third people that could be involved, or have or could reasonably have knowledge of such infringement.

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