Equality, diversity and inclusion




At Applus+, our workforce is our most important asset, enabling us to innovate, respond to the needs of our clients and maintain our reputation for delivering excellent services. We promote a people-centric culture within the company, fostering a working atmosphere that is diverse and inclusive, and which enables each employee to develop and succeed. 

Each of us at Applus+ is unique and we want everyone to achieve their potential. We are committed to reflecting a diverse society, raising awareness and promoting changes in attitudes towards stereotypes. We have therefore launched a Diversity and Inclusion Project, with the aim of ensuring that we continue to develop the diversity of our staff in terms of gender, abilities, and culture. 


The Diversity and Inclusion Project is underpinned by the following values:

  • Commitment to creating an inclusive environment. To achieve this, we rely on the commitment of the management and all the Applus+ staff, so that together we can go beyond the standards which make us leaders in the TIC sector. 
  • Inspiration which enables us to continue to improve by innovating and collaborating with those around us. Our leaders encourage inclusive behavior through their example. 


This project is based on our Equality and Diversity Policy, which lays out general principles of action in this area and establishes an action framework for the Group. Various initiatives have been developed based on these values and on the principles of clarity, simplicity, openness, and inclusivity which govern our culture. This social work of Applus + was recognized by the United Nations Global Compact through the project “Without limits”, an initiative that involves the incorporation of people with intellectual disabilities in all divisions of the group.

Applus+ is firmly committed to the promotion of equal rights and opportunities for women and men, a commitment that has been materializing over the years through measures and procedures in our Equality Plans and HR policies in every country in which we operate, as well as our, joining the UN’s 7 Women’s Empowerment Principles.

We have developed a model of equality that’s not only directed at the implementation of isolated measures; showing respect for everybody has become part of the organizational culture and is the base of our Code of Ethics and our Equality and Diversity Policies.

The actions that make us proudest are the Equality and Diversity Councils, a meeting place to establish, implement and maintain all necessary processes for equality and conciliation measures to work, as well as to raise awareness of the commitment and joint responsibility of both Company and employees to favour work-life balance at every level in the organization.

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