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IRATA full membership for Applus+ Velosi in the Middle East
Rope Access is a system of work-positioning that ensures safety both at height and in confined spaces, utilizing skills and equipment developed from the rock climbing and caving fields. These abilities have been adapted in recent years for the use in our industry. Rope Access is now considered by many companies as a viable alternative to scaffolding and other traditional methods of access.
IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is recognized as the world’s leading authority in terms of industrial rope access with over 315 international member companies. IRATA’s aims include the promotion of high standards in safety, workmanship and working practices, and audits are carried out annually to ensure that members uphold their guidelines. They promote continuous improvement in all aspects of rope access, including ongoing education and training.
Today our skilled inspectors are able to gain work positioning where at first glance it would seem impossible. This allows them to complete a variety of projects in a quick yet safe manner, with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.
In this regard, the IRATA membership assures safe and responsible working practices up to an internationally recognized standard. As such, the division started the process to gain the accreditation a year ago.
Finally, Applus+ Velosi in Qatar achieved the internationally recognized IRATA full membership, following a year of third party external audits and a last strict audit carried out mid-September 2015, thus further consolidating the company's Rope Access capabilities in the Middle East.
With the division’s equipment and working practices scrupulously investigated to ensure IRATA’s high standards are met, the audit verified that Applus+ Velosi in Qatar has all the required systems and procedures in place to work at height using ropes safely.
Applus+ Velosi Qatar Rope Access Division has carried out many interesting projects to date, from offshore inspections to BS certification of an outdoor climbing wall at Aspire Zone Park.
The decision to adopt IRATA certification for Middle East operations is a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment to safety, quality and integrity, assuring the highest standards to our global clients. Applus+ Velosi Qatar is the fourth accredited company in the country.
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