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Verification of electrical measurement units

Inspection, revision, verification and analysis of measuring units of the electric energy supply.

This service is aimed at

  • Any user of the facility, including companies marketing electric service, public and private users, business parks and malls, condominiums.


We have professionals with vast experience, verification standards and auxiliary units to act in whatever location.

Our measurement and testing equipment are subject to rigorous maintenance and calibration processes in order to fulfill our ISO 9001 quality standard, providing our customers full satisfaction.

This product can provide multiple services, including:

In field

  • Anti-fraud campaigns, inspecting installations and denouncing irregular situations
  • Checking supplies for possible measurement errors
  • Programming measurement units according to the marketing company guidelines
  • Analysis of load curves in transformation centers
  • Revisions of link installations and management of reforms and facilities for measuring units
  • Training/consultancy

In our laboratory

  • Recovery of electronic meters
  • Checking after repair
  • Training/consultancy


  • Ensures the safety of people and property
  • Ensures the quality of measurement
  • Prevent fraud in measurements
  • Improves supply with the study of compensation of reactive power
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