Test benches

"Turnkey" development and execution of special test benches to characterize and certify non-standard products or components.

Validating the performance of a product is key element in ensuring its safety and quality. Reproducing its behavior in different environments may require validation using test benches whether to meet customer requirements and regulations or to study service failures.

Our solution
Applus+ Laboratories develops customized turnkey test bench projects, applying its engineering, mechanical, electrical, software and automation skills together with its experience in testing and certification.
Our service covers:
  • Developing the specification and testing protocol
  • Conceptual and detailed design of the test bench
  • Manufacture and installation of the test bench and necessary tools
  • Preparing the user manuals and providing training to the operators on the use of the bench
  • Conducting special tests
  • Test report and final technical diagnosis
  • Technical consulting
To do this, we rely on the accumulated experience of our technical experts and the expertise gained from working with leading industries in the application of test bench technologies in the aerospace, defense, automotive and renewable energy industries, among others.
Test bench projects are led by our engineering department, which has over 10 years' experience in tool engineering and works with the leading design and simulation systems (Catia, and V5, among others)
  • Improve product design and reduce time to market
  • Improve the reliability of the product's components as a tool for differentiation
  • Have a single partner, Applus+ Laboratories, for the full characterization of your product and the development of the necessary test bench.
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