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Technical assistance at nuclear power plants

Supervision, quality control and technical advice in all operation modes of a nuclear power plant to all technical departments

The departments of Quality Assurance, Maintenance, Technical Office, Logistics and New Supplies and Engineering at a nuclear power plant.

We provide our customers with a highly specialized service. We have an expert team with over 10 years of experience. Our team can provide its services in any nuclear power plant operation mode (recharge stops, normal operation, start-up or dismantling).
Our staff is involved in the following tasks:
  • Quality assurance in operation of plant, internal audits, assessment of suppliers, inspection in origin of all kinds of equipments and components, document management (revision/drawing up technical documents) etc.
  • Technical advice and engineering, management of obsolescences, validation of components (mechanical, electric and instrumentation and control), diagnosis of valves, improved reliability of equipments and components, life extension, etc.
  • Technical assistance in stops of recharges, inspection of maintenance activities of the contractors and/or owners.
  • Ensures quality during each and every project step integrally
  • Reduces costs of outsourcing high technical capacity profiles, with specialization according to needs
  • Arranges quality assessment by an independent agency, from design to start-up
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