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Supervision of middle-voltage and low-voltage works

The service of work supervision in middle-voltage and low-voltage electrical distribution installations includes verifying that the works to be executed are based on the current regulations and building plan execution.


This service is aimed at

Companies and, particularly, electric companiesrequiring each step supervision of proper execution of lowand middle-voltage energy power distribution installations.


We monitor budget deviations, timelines and the technical completion according to the specifications and procedures of the property.

Our supervision and monitoring tasks include:

  • Receiving technical documentation, technical plans, materials budgeted, etc.
  • Awarding works for successful bidder
  • Setting out installation in field
  • Monitoring geometric, qualitative and quantitative work
  • Technical-economic receipt
  • Supervision of management system

Our services are characterized by the support we provide to customers for achieving the objectives required by their work: budgeted cost, planned execution time, workplace safety, ecological safety, and quality of works.

We provide response capacity, teamwork and the initiative of aworks supervision and control team consisting of technical staff involved in the control of measurement of middle-voltage and low-voltage works (substations, transformation centers, and distribution lines) with wide experience.


  • Ensures quality of the construction work
  • Analyzes the technical documentation, detection of possible failures and technical resolution.
  • Forecasts possible faults in materials for initial reception before assembly and revision of the protocol
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