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Supervision and quality control of works

Supervision and quality control of works, installations and equipment of electrical installations.

This service is aimed at

  • Electric companies and firms, public and private, starting execution of electrical works (substations, railway electrification, renewable energies and airports).


We provide the following services:

  • Project review and analysis before execution
  • Setting out the works
  • Designing the quality assurance plan
  • Receiving equipment in the factory
  • Qualitative, geometrical, quantitative and schedule controls.
  • Performing testing and trials
  • Supervision of facilities start-up
  • Review of as-built documentation
  • Works termination

Our services are characterized by the support we provide to customers for achieving the objectives required by their work: budgeted cost, planned execution time, workplace safety and job quality.

Response capacity, teamwork and initiative are provided bya works supervision and control team consisting of technical staff involved in large infrastructure works (high-speed train lines, subway train lines, etc.) with wide experience.


  • Ensures in each step that work execution complies with the project
  • Ensures product quality
  • Provides advice about technical issues regarding customer installations
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