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Mobile network design for telecommunications

Mobile network telecommunication operators, mobile networks (DCS, UMTS, GESM), mainly TV and radio, as private promoters of telecommunication networks (WIFI, WIMAX, LMDS).
This service is aimed at:
  • Operators of mobile telecommunications networks, mobile phones (DCS, UMTS, GESM)l, TV and radio mainly as private sponsors of telecommunications networks (WIFI, WIMAX, LMDS).
  • Our job starts with the first network deployment providing the best design in terms of network quality, optimization, economic feasibility and technical verification of construction elements.
Our engineering and work service takes place in various development stages:
  • Setting out the place in situ
  • Verification of the area’s technical and economic feasibility
  • Management of licenses and legal procedures
  • Design of the provided technical solution
  • Implementation of the approved technical project and all other documents required by agencies for acquiring permits
  • Management and monitoring of works, issuance of final certificates
  • Management of occupational health and safety at the site
In conclusion, we offer integral project management from its conception to implementation into service.
Our human and technical team has got years of experience and continuous training. We use state-of-the-art technical material and work with the main sector companies, helping us provide high-quality service and reliability to customers and positioning us further over our competitors.
  • Improves QoS (quality of service) of our customers
  • Optimizes networks
  • Reduces costs
  • Promotes good relations with public agencies
  • Minimizes staff workload
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