Exterior noise

Exterior noise

Pass by according to European regulation and Trias 20 (Japan)

  • Coastodown according R117 or 2001/43/EC
  • Conformity of Production (COP)
  • Exterior noise source ranking
  • Sound package proposal
Pass by noise system & track
  • New ISO requirements for the asphalt surface. Fulfils ISO 10844
    • Background noise < 50dB(A)
    • Residual void content (<8%): 5.2%
    • Texture depth (>0,4): 0.95 mm
    • Sound absorption coefficient (<0,1)
  • Pass by noise system from B&K
    • Noise versus vehicle position
    • Vehicle speed and engine rpm information
    • Weather parameters (i.e. temp, pressure, wind speed)
    • CAN bus parameters (i.e. engine temperature)

NVH Facilities

Hemi anechoic chamber

The Hemi-anechoic chamber allows to assess the powertrain noise performance on the complete vehicle. The chassis dyno control system is able to reproduce the different driving conditions (i.e. acceleration, constant speed, coastdown). Main application of the facility are:

  • Interior & external noise measurements
  • Powertrain system analysis: Intake and exhaust noise, turbo noise
  • Mounting analysis
  • Ride comfort
  • Rolling noise
  • Cut off frequency (ISO 3745): 50 Hz
  • Temperature control
  • Chassi dyno: Power: 320 kW (480 kW peak) / axle (2 independent AC motors)
  • Background noise at 100 km/h <48 dB(A) at 1m
  • Different surface shells and bumps capability

Modal analysis

The modal analysis test rig allows to extract the natural frequencies of a system (i.e. body, exhaust. The following parameters are calculated:

  • Natural frequency
  • Damping value of the modes
  • Mode shape

Head acoustic room

The Head acoustic room main features are:

  • Interior noise recording with binaural recording artificial head system
  • Countermeasures pre-listening before implementation
  • Objective evaluation of psycho-acoustic parameters
  • Subjective evaluation: jury test

Validation rigs

Validation of the dynamic stiffness of the rubber mounts and validation of the S&R performance of components on shakers with climatic chamber and complete vehicle (4 Poster rig)

  • Ageing test
  • S&R performance
  • Comfort
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