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Expropriations for linear power distribution

Provides technical assistance and legal advice for the management of compulsory purchase orders at all the process stages.

This service is aimed at

Managers of companies involved in infrastructure, roads, railways, sewage works, waterworks, and town planning, etc.

Power distribution and transmission companies, both electric and gas and hydrocarbons

Power generation companies such as wind farms, photovoltaics and solar power plants, and co-generation plants, etc.

Construction and installation companies in the industrial and electric sectors


Our technical assistance and legal advice service spans all stages of the process: setting out, field sheets, tank calculations, minutes taking, assessments, appraisal statements, and appeals.

With over 12 years of experience, we provide our services to companies within the energy sector, among others.

We have a highly qualified and specialized team of over 100 professionals, technicians, lawyers, topographers, and computer technicians, etc., geographically distributed among all the autonomous regions of Spain.

We have developed a specific computer software to control and moniting files, as well as to take the corresponding minutes. Equipped with an information manager, it allows data storage and provides our customers with real-time access to the whole information on the files.

Other related actions:

  • Elaboration and review of ROW grants and compulsory purchase annexes
  • Response to pleadings and appeals
  • Management of public information
  • Registration at the land registries
  • Mutual agreement management
  • Damage assessment


  • Reduces execution times
  • Uses specific tools to improve documentation management and storage
  • Provides real-time access to all information and documentation
  • Provides significant amounts of resources at key moments of the procedure
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