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Environmental risk analysis

Identification, prevention and management of environmental risks for activities according to the environmental responsibility law 26/2007. Calculates the financial guarantee required from companies affected by the law.
This service is aimed at
Essentially, all companies whose activities are included in appendix III of the environmental responsibility law 26/2007 and those who simply want to prevent and manage their environmental risks in order to avoid damage to the environment.
We have developed our own methodology based on the UNE 150008 standard, along with the software application "system for the assessment and management of environmental risks" (SEYGRAM), whose aim is to provide our customers with an intuitive, easy to use tool that helps easily complete risk analyses and automatically calculates the financial guarantee required for repairing possible damage to natural resources and services. 
In applying environmental law, we perform environmental risk analyses by sector (MIRAT), methodology guides and bar charts, supporting the sectors until these documents are approved by the administration. 
Our methodology fulfills the UNE 150008 standard, used as a reference for the law, and is compared to the pool of environmental risks assembled by the main Spanish insurance companies.
  • Forecasts and reduces environmental risk and thus reduces the possibility of damage
  • Transfers the environmental risk to an insurance company
  • Benefits from the possibility of reducing the financial guarantee by adopting preventative measures
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