Environmental Monitoring

Assessment of environmental implications of company initiatives and projects from the moment the feasibility decision is taken onmade feasibility to the market release and operation of defined installations or infrastructures.

This service is aimed at

Public bodiesagencies and private building developers of installations and infrastructures (energy, civil works, etc.) requiring technical assistance in the following fields:

  • Environmental planning of activities:, such as studies of environmental effects and events, environmental impact studies, strategic environmental assessment , and selection of locations.
  • Environmental monitoring and management during construction work
  • Support for compliance with the environmental requirements resulting from the environmental impact declaration, complete environmental authorization and other administrative authorizations relating to the environment
  • Environmental monitoring of infrastructures and installations in operation
  • Studies and environmental monitoring of environmental settings (fauna, flora, ground, etc.)
  • Modeling of environmental impacts on different environmental vectors


We make perform all of the studies and complete the work necessary so that all economic activity is based on the consideration of sustainable development through all stages, conforming at all times to the obligations resulting from applicable environmental standards.

We have more than 25 years of widely varying experience in the development of planning activities and environmental monitoring, as well as a large multi-disciplinary team consisting of specialized professionals coordinated on a national level using specific management and a network of experts.

We conduct our work according to strict certified quality references. We have inspection units and our own qualified laboratories to complete the environmental verifications required.


  • Ensures and facilitates conformity to environmental requirements defined by the various public agencies involved, reducing costs throughout all project phases
  • Provides details of all the implications of the environmental requirements for each business initiative
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