Degraded area restoration study

Comprehensive solutions for the diagnosis and restoration of degraded areas to ensure the best condition,s free of environmental risks, for any subsequent use or activity of suchin these areas free of environmental risks

Companies in the Industrial and business sector, public bodiesagencies, insurance companies and financial entities requiring:

  • Technical assistance for requirements resulting from the Spanish royal decree 9/2005 relating to contaminated soil and the additional requirements of the autonomous regional communities
  • Investigation for the description and identification of the extent and causes of ground and water pollution (surface and underground).
  • Design and implementation of ground and water sample plans (surface and underground).
  • Design and implementation of piezometric networks to monitor underground water
  • Corrective and/or preventative measures
  • Analysis and assessment of risks for human and/or ecosystem health
  • Third-party iInspection and/or validation of ground studies as a third-party
  • Ground quality certifications before changes in use or owner
  • Analysis of environmental liabilities (sale processes, environmental insurance, due diligence, etc.)




  • Industrial activity generates goods and services necessary for the development of the community; however, in many cases, it can also represent a menace potential harm for the surrounding environment.
  • With more than 25 years of experience in developing solutions for polluted areas, we have knowledge of many sectors thathaving an impact on the surrounding ground.
  • Our large multi-disciplinary team consists of specialized personnel designing comprehensive, turnkey projects perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of our customers.
  • We carry out our work according to strict certified quality references.
  • Guarantees and facilitates compliance with contaminated soils legislation
  • Provides solutions specific to the requirements of relevant to public bodiesagencies
  • Diagnoses the environmental situation of industrial locations, their associated risks and provides the necessary solutions necessary
  • Manages the effect of implementation effect of defined solutions
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