Climatic testing

Evaluate the behavior of materials, components and equipment in normal or extreme weather conditions

Over their useful life, materials, components and equipment are subject to multiple environmental conditions that may affect their reliability, behavior and structural integrity. Manufacturers should evaluate the behavior of their products under different conditions in order to meet both the market's requirements and the applicable regulations.

Our Solution

Applus+ Laboratories offers a weather testing service that includes:

  • Test specifications analysis
  • Writing of individual test specifications
  • Full tool design and manufacture
  • Turnkey testing
  • Defect analysis and diagnosis
  • Solutions and product improvement proposals

Types of tests available:

  • Temperature and/or humidity variation
  • Moist heat cyclic and continuous testing
  • Temperature and humidity compound cyclic testing
  • Thermal shock testing
  • Xenon and ultraviolet light accelerated aging tests
  • Heating of casings due to solar radiation
  • Resistance to rain and dust (IEC)
  • Corrosive gas testing
  • Salt spray testing

We can also conduct tests, among others, under the UNE, EN, IEC, STD, ISO, JEDEC, MIL, RTCA, and EUROCAE standards and specific company regulations in various sectors.

We have ENAC accreditation for weather and corrosion tests for, among others, electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices and their components, and intrusion and fire alarms.

Applus+ Laboratories facilities have over 30 different environmental chambers covering all types of cases.

Applus+ Laboratories has been working for over 20 years with weather testing technologies in the industrial, consumer products, automotive, military and aeronautics sectors. We participate in augmented reliability programs with HALT/HASS (Highly Accelerated Life Test/Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) type tests


  • Ensure the quality and functionality of the product in any weather condition
  • Product design optimization and improvement
  • Product certification in accordance with current regulations or customer or industry specific requirements
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