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Auscultation and instrumentation

The objective of instrumentation is to ensure the structural safety of constructions and to monitor the possible effects on third parties by continuous real-time measurement of geometric, geotechnical and structural parameters in underground constructions and reservoirs.

This service is aimed at
Public or private companies that work in the areas of construction or engineering or that manage high-risk construction work (building restoration work, car parts, etc.)

Our solution
We provide considerable experience, the latest technology and a complete service throughout the entire instrumentation process, starting from the design (engineering project) and providing:

  • Software design for the integration and analysis of results with data presented by GIS technology and online access to data for participants in the construction work
  • Automatic email and SMS alarm generation tool
  • Latest generation of automatic topography
  • Provision of equipment, as well as assembly and installation of measurement equipment
  • Readings and maintenance
  • Explanation of results
  • Geotechnical and structural advisory service.


  • We evaluate the risks, providing advice about how to forecast risks and we also provide continuous monitoring of construction, facilitating rapid decision-making.
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