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Application of existing knowledge and technologies to design, develop, and improve your products, services, or facilities.

The wide variety of technical disciplines available within Applus+ allows us to be your technological partner in order to improve your results, as our hallmark is our commitment to quality, innovation, the training of our professional team and independence.

Applus+'s global network and flexible project management system allow us to provide you with solutions anywhere in the world, with our engineers and with the most appropriate suppliers in each case.



Applus+ Idiada
Applus+ IDIADA UK has joined the SMMT, the NMI and AESIN

Applus+ IDIADA UK joints the SMMT, the NMI and AESIN

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Events - Publications

SIAT January 2015 - HD Diesel

The work presented here is based on the authors' experience gained with the development of HD diesel engines for alternative fuel use over the years.

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Success Stories

Common Criteria Certification
Common Criteria Certification of TrustME™, a Secure Memory developed by Winbond

Winbond has developed a new type of secure flash memory device for mobile devices called TrustME™.

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